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@FBG_Duck Hip Hopper Freestyle Shows Why He Is Clearly The Best Drill Rapper Out Right Now Period!

Its Official! I don’t care what no one says but Duck is the best drill rapper out right now. Nobody is not doing it like him with this drill shit. He;s too versatile and can adapt his style to any beat. He makes bangers and still talk that talk. Sometimes we get tired of all that hard drill and wanna listen to some drill with sauce. Duck got the sauce right now and he’s not even getting the credit he deserves. Been getting millions of views. He talking his talk differently.. He got some classics already. Wish everybody would stop sleeping and #SauceUp2x

Best Drill Rapper Out…


You Can’t Say @FBG_Duck “Draco” (Remix) Wasn’t Hard!

FBG Duck one of Chicago’s most underrated rappers. They really don’t get enough credit for the work they put in. They always dropping bangers. Duck got the sauce out FBG Because he’s too versatile. He goes crazy on anything. If Lil Jay was hoe, Clout Lord would’ve been going off too but Duck can adapt. Millions of views all over Youtube. He will continue to sauce on niggas and go hard. Best believe its more coming. #SauceUp2x